In SuperKids we strive to provide a safe, interactive environment where children of all abilities can learn about Jesus and His love for them. We want all children to learn that they are created in His image and are each so special to Him.

Hello there and welcome! My name is Kristen Quinones.

Hello, my name is Kristen Quinones and I have the privilege of serving as the SuperKids director at Christian Family Chapel. Part of my job is to come alongside the families of our SuperKids to serve as a support and encouragement for the families to attend our worship service and become a part of the body of Christ. My husband and I have 3 kids ourselves and have found the children’s ministry to be invaluable to our family. My family and I are so blessed to get to serve the families at CFC in this capacity.

Super Kids Ministry

Our goal is to have the children desire to know Jesus personally and for their families to be able to connect and worship knowing their children are being well loved and cared for. Each of our children are unique in their abilities, so we provide a very customized approach to our Sunday morning program. We are thankful that the leadership at Christian Family Chapel recognize and support the unique needs our special families have and are dedicated to growing our Super Kids ministry to help serve them. Our church body is growing in knowledge and support too. We have been overwhelmed with the way God is using our special children for great purpose through their joy, the relationships that are developing and even through their challenges.


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9:00AM (older) & 10:45AM (younger)

Please keep children at home if they have any cold or flu like symptoms. (View Our Symptoms Policy)

Frequently Asked Questions

What basic activities can a child expect?

In the SuperKids classroom your child will participate in worship, a lesson and hands-on activities to further their knowledge about God and His love. Our classroom looks a little different. We will do large group worship with some kids and quiet worship one on one worship with others. At times, we do the lesson and activities all together and some weeks it is on a one on one basis. Our goal here is to meet the needs/abilities of each child in attendance to further their knowledge about God and His love.

Where will a child check in & be picked up?

You will check your child into our computer system in front of the gym, then enter the gym and the SuperKids classroom is the 3rd door on the left where there will be teachers waiting to greet your family. You will return to the same classroom and teachers for check-out as you pick up your child once the service has ended.

Who will be caring for or leading our kids?

Your child will be entrusted to screened and trained volunteers from the CFC Body. These volunteers will take them to and from the Bible lesson as well as lead them in all the activities that correlate with that Sunday’s Bible lesson. These volunteers are supported by a team and myself during services so if any needs arise, they have great resources available at a moment’s notice. Each week in our SuperKids class, at least one of the volunteers has a background in special needs. All volunteers receive training in this area throughout the year.

When a child leaves, what do we want them to “take away” from their experience?

When your child leaves the SuperKids class on Sunday mornings, we pray they felt loved and gained a deeper understanding of God’s word and His love for them personally.

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