Mission & Strategy

Our mission at Christian Family Chapel is to grow fully devoted spirit empowered Christ followers. 

  1. We are seeking to be fully devoted to Jesus as Jesus was fully devoted to the Father’s will.
  2. We need to be spirit empowered. Not just a few of us but all of us. Christ living in us does not make the difficulties in life easier. Christ in us makes the impossible possible.
  3. We are growing as Christ followers. All of us are on a spiritual journey. We express growing in Christ with 3 Vital Steps.

The 3 Vital Steps

The first vital step is to be raised up. The Bible says we are “dead in our sins” but Jesus took our punishment so that we could be born again and walk in newness of life. If you are not sure how to become a Christ follower we encourage you to read this.

The second step is to grow up. When you are “born again” the Bible calls you an “infant in Christ.” Everyone starts as an infant, but no one is intended to stay an infant. You are to grow up to share life with the family of God at the table. At the table you experience mutual life together.

The third vital step is to get up. Following Jesus includes making disciples as He made disciples. Making disciples simply means to invest your life in helping others know Jesus and grow in Jesus. It’s easy to get comfortable with other believers enjoying life at the table, but Jesus said “As the Father has sent me, so I send you” (John 20:21). Being used by God to make disciples is one of the greatest privileges we have as children of God.

The 3 Essentials


We were made for relationship with both God and others. Connecting relationally to others in the family of God is essential to your spiritual journey and the journey of others. One of the primary ways we experience Christ is through one another. To learn more about ways you can connect, visit our Get Involved page.


The Word of God equips us to live the life God intends us to live. Our primary equipping in God’s Word happens in the worship service on Thursdays and Sundays. We also have additional classes to equip you for specific seasons of life and circumstances in life. To learn more about out specific equipping classes, visit our Classes page.


Locally we want to BLESS our literal neighbors and coworkers as well as demonstrate love and compassion for those in need in our community. To learn more, visit our Local Impact page.

Globally we want to make disciples of all nations, especially focusing on those places in the world with no access to the Gospel, as each one of us serve in Gospel expansion as SENDERS or GOERS . To learn more, visit our Global Impact page.