Rick & Elisabeth

Pioneers International

Picture of Rick & Elisabeth

Ministry Focus

In 1991, we went to a country in West Africa.  We lived among an unreached  least accessible, minority people group. Although enduring many hardships, by God’s grace and the prayers of many, we are in our 29th year. Reaching out in a variety of ways, we have seen God at work in deepening relationships with the people. They have communicated their trust by coming to ask if Rick would begin to teach them about the Bible. Years have passed without visible change, yet God has been at work! Today, outwards signs of God’s grace are pointing to extreme decisions being made with life & death consequences – both eternally and within the culture!

For the Jesus-Followers to grow in unity, strength, and love for each other as well as their community.

For the ministries of soccer and farming and schools to reach many with an invitation of love.

For wisdom given the context where we live.

For our connection with the Partnership Team here in the States as well as our family with a college-age son, married children, grandchildren, and aging parents.​​​​​​​

Call to Christ

His Call to Christ

In eighth grade, I watched the movie “A Thief in the Night.”  I asked Jesus into my heart as I didn’t want to be left behind when Jesus returned. Since then, I have never looked back, but continue to grow in my understanding of what it means to follow Jesus as His disciple.

Her Call to Christ

 I was four years old when I was at a communion service in America sitting with another couple other than my missionary parents. Since I grew up in Africa, and had never seen anything like communion, I was interested in what was happening. The couple asked if I was allowed to partake of the elements. My parents shook their heads “no,” but I told the couple “yes.” Later that night, my mom shared that I was not a part of God’s family. I was very young when I made that decision, but my heart has been captured by His love forever.

Call to Missions

His Call

After I graduated from high school, I stayed out of college for a year. During that year, I was invited to minister with a summer team as a translator and tech man. We passed through so many villages without any witness, and the people were begging for us to stay and teach them about Jesus. God touched my heart and called me to people who were unreached and least accessible.

Her Call

When I entered Columbia International University as a freshman, I believed the facts stood clear that I was needed where there was no opportunity to hear the Good News.  When I was a sophomore, I attended a memorial service for a martyred alumnus, Chet Bitterman. At the end of the service, the speaker asked for all those who would fill in Chet’s place on the front lines to stand. I felt a clear, strong, passionate assurance to stand and offer my life.