John & Diana

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Proclaim! International – Public evangelism in support of national churches in the challenging places of the world.

John wears a number of “hats” so here is an overview:

Evangelist/musician – helping plan, organize and lead evangelistic projects and meeting. As a Co-director John is one of three leaders in Proclaim who share the responsibility to lead the mission; responsible to develop ministries in the Americas. We are adding a Proclaim Canada and a Proclaim Peru this fall. He is also responsible to recruit short term workers, and to give oversight to appointees in the deputation process.

There is also the responsibility to oversee the main Proclaim U.S. office including administration, missionary services, general fund development, and recruiting. In all he gives oversight to about 15 people including office staff, field staff and appointees. We are both involved in local ministries including two bible studies John teaches in the fall and spring – one is an evangelistic Bible study with about 30 members and a second is for about 25 college age students.

Diana is very involved in every aspect of the ministry. She travels on evangelistic tours as a performer, and personal evangelist. She works as a mentor with younger women in our ministry. Here in Jacksonville, she mentors several women, and works 20 hours a week in the office doing donor relations and processing donations.


Last year John and Diana participated and organized evangelism and/or training events in Peru, Croatia, Poland, Haiti and Albania.  Projected ministry in the next few months includes Croatia, Peru and Poland. As one of three Co-directors John helps lead the mission by developing ministries in the Americas and overseeing the main Proclaim! U.S. office, including 21 office staff, field staff and appointees, and serving on the boards of Proclaim! associations in Peru, Canada and Croatia.Multiplication: In November, 2001, Proclaim! added its first evangelism staff member, Branko Hovacenic, our Croatia friend and long-time co-worker. Branko is developing a full-time evangelistic team and pastors one of the churches Proclaim! helped plant.

John and Diana recruit many short-term workers and disciple them through the short-term and career missionary process. In addition, both are involved in local ministries. John is in his 5th year teaching a Bible study and Diana continues to mentor women here in the States and several women internationally; one in Germany and one in Assyria.


Balancing time spent in administration with tour and personnel ministry needs.

Wisdom in knowing God’s leading for new ministry invitations in South America, Africa, and Central Asia.

Diana’s mentoring relationships, wisdom in teaching and ongoing evangelistic relationships.

John following Jesus with total diligence every day, not losing the joy of His presence in the press of activities.

Most financial needs now focus on opening new areas of ministry in the Islamic world and funding tours there. We are not able to openly mention these target areas, but we need over $20,000 for this area of our budget this year.

Call to Christ

His Call to Christ

I confessed Jesus as Savior and Lord in February, 1970 at a “College Life” meeting at Georgia Southern College. My heathen lifestyle was abandoned and finding forgiveness, cleansing, and meaning, I determined to live only for Jesus Christ.

Her Call to Christ

I took Christ as my Savior at the age of 8 at a children’s evangelistic meeting at church. It’s been my desire to walk with Christ since that time and I’ve been privileged to have training to lead others in following Christ.

Call to Missions

His Call to Missions

I was recruited to join Campus Crusade as a musician, evangelist upon my graduation from college. I was quite surprised when my assignment was to join a music team in London, England. Then God confirmed Europe as a focus of work over the next 30 years.

Her Call to Missions

Two months before I graduated from college I was challenged to tell others about Christ. I realized that even in a Christian college there were many students who really didn’t know Christ personally. I joined Campus Crusade in 1970.