Biblical Counseling Training and Discipleship 

It is a reality that many in our families, churches, workplaces and communities regularly experience trials and hardships in life. As Christ-followers we are all called to help by bearing one another’s burdens, by admonishing the unruly, encouraging the fainthearted, and helping the weak, while being patient with all (Galatians 6:2; 1 Thess. 5:14). However, it is also a reality that many in the church believe they are not equipped to carry out these God given responsibilities. Our goal is to glorify God by equipping lay men and women and church and pastoral staff to better serve those hurting and in need in the church body.

Certified Training Center

Since 2014, the Hope Center has been certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (“ACBC”) as one of ACBC’s certified training centers and has been recognized as an accepted source of education for individuals seeking certification by ACBC. 

The Hope Center also offers its counseling and discipleship training in cities outside of Jacksonville. To see if we are offering training in a city near you, visit our conference page here.

Training Courses

Annually, the Hope Center in Jacksonville, FL offers the following training opportunities in Biblical Counseling and Discipleship.

Fundamentals Course

This is the initial training course. Completion of the course will satisfy the Basic Training Course requirement of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors’ (ACBC) certification process.


Advanced Course: Going Deeper

This course is designed for those who have taken the Fundamentals course. The session topics will vary from year to year according to the relevant counseling issues of the day and the specialties of the instructors.


Exam Course

This course is designed to help students complete the theology and counseling exams required for ACBC certification.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals course or similar course offered by an ACBC training center.