Family Groups at Christian Family Chapel

We were created for connection. God designed us to live in relationship with Him and with others. At CFC we are committed to helping you get connected so you are not making this journey of life alone.

Our Groups Strive for Three Things

First: We want them to be a caring community.

This means we want them to love and care for each other and those they come in contact with every day. 


Second: We want them to be a “spurring on” community.

Encouraging each other to good works and become the hands and feet of Christ.


Third: We want them to be a developing community.

Healthy families encourage growth, so we hope our Family Groups will grow over time and produce new groups as new leaders develop and deepen in their relationship with God and others.

List of Groups

Whether you are looking for a group close to home or a group in a similar stage of life, we can help. Take a few minutes and look through the groups listed and complete the form below. If you still have questions about a group or taking a next step, email us at

All groups meeting on CFC campus will have childcare provided.

CFC Campus
St Johns
Orange Park
San Marco

Connect with a Family Group

Please complete the form below and let us know if you are interested in a particular group or need help finding one.