We believe that personal giving is a strong reflection of our trust in God, and our maturity as followers of Jesus. The New Testament teaches that our giving is to be regular, sacrificial, proportional, and joyful.

At CFC you may be surprised to discover that we do not teach tithing (the giving of 10% of our income to the Lord). We teach grace giving instead of tithing because it is the joyful privilege of managing God’s resources according to God’s priorities taught in the letters to the New Testament churches while tithing is often treated as a “God tax” to begrudgingly pay.

We invite you to joyfully give as God has graciously blessed you. Whatever you give, you are wisely laying up treasure in heaven. You may also be surprised to learn that except for our Executive Pastor, not one of the Pastoral staff or the Elder team is privy to what individuals give. We do this because we believe your giving is between you and the Lord and we want to protect ourselves from any temptation of favoritism toward large donors.

You can give several different ways. You can give online. We also welcome you to bring your offering to any of our worship services.