At Christian Family Chapel we recognize the impotance of being

connected with others in the body of Christ; and we believe that the

key to connection is a lifestyle of invitation and hospitality. That is why

we offer many different opportunities to connect both on campus and

off campus.


If you are new to CFC you might feel a little confused, but we hope not for long. We have specific ministries and people in place to make your transition from a stranger to acquaintance seamless.



So you have been at CFC a little while and are anxious to build relationships and make friends. Here are a few simple steps for you to meet some really awesome people.


Family is integral to the name and DNA of CFC. Families share life. Life includes joys, celebrations, burdens, prayers and support. Take a look here to see how you can enter into family life at CFC. 



You've been to CFC and attended services. Now, you're thinking about a next step. We want to CONNECT with you and get to know you. It's just as important to us that you know who we are. Over a six week interactive study you will discover what unites us and makes us a family.




Adult Fellowships are an easy first step in developing and deepening relationships with others at CFC as we study God’s Word.  It is actually a pretty simple process.  Everyone wears a name tag and sits at a table of 6-8 people.  As the lesson is discussed we begin to learn the names of those familiar faces we see every week.  Even if you choose not to speak you still get to put names and faces together. 





The purpose is simple...Do life together as the body of Christ. Family Groups are essential to CFC's commitment to connect our body so that no one has to make the journey of life alone. It is our desire that everyone be in a Family Group at CFC.