​Here you will find CFC's upcoming events and important information.



Community Ministry Fair          05.21.17

Men's Breakfast                              06.10.17

Baptisms on Thursday                 06.22.17

Baptisms on Sunday                      06.25.17

Power Up Club                                07.24.17

Power Up Club                                07.25.17

Power Up Club                                07.26.17

Power Up Club                                07.27.17

CFC Thursday

We know that in today's world some people have responsibilties on Sundays. Today, people work, travel and play on Sundays. CFC Thursday is for weekend workers and weekend warriors.

If you fit any of the descriptions above, then this service is for you!

 We invite you to join us for our  expand times of worship on Thursday nights at 7:30p in our Senior High building, which is located behind the Hope Center.