Tom & Nancy

Picture of Tom & Nancy


Leading various teams aimed at reaching the unreached in the Middle East and South Asia.

Overseeing various ministries such as church planting, theological education, translation, schools, and a hospital, all of which aim to create disciple-making movements.

Training and equipping teams, pastors, churches, ministry leaders, and national partners.

Mentoring, shepherding, and providing soul care for the various missionaries and teams in the region.


During our nearly 20 ministry years in South Africa, God allowed us to fully plant one church that is now self-sustaining and effectively training ministry leaders to plant more churches. We also planted a second church that has continued to grow since our time there. Our leadership and church planting experience help us equip leaders, church planters, and nationals in multiple ministries in South Asia and the Middle East. During 2020 we were on the ground leading our medical team through the global Coronavirus pandemic.


For wisdom as we seek to grow our current ministries and teams and expand the ministries into multiple countries in the region.

For safety and opportunities as we travel within restricted access countries.

For physical health and strength, especially for our frontline workers at the hospital.

For daily obedience and personal holiness in His call to help reach this region of the world.

For many more people to hear God’s call to serve in this challenging part of the Father’s vineyard.

Call to Christ

His Call to Christ

I was raised in a large Italian Catholic family where I learned about Jesus and faithfully followed the religious traditions I was taught. It wasn’t until I met Nancy that I learned what Jesus’ work for me on the cross really meant and that I needed to have a personal relationship Him. At the age of 20, while on my knees, I sought forgiveness for my sin and put my full faith and trust in Jesus and His work on the cross to save me.

Her Call to Christ

God gave me the privilege of parents who faithfully served Christ and introduced me to Jesus. At the age of six, with a childlike faith, I “walked the aisle” and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sin. During my teens, however, I chose to give the first place in my heart to popularity and pleasing my friends, which led me down a path of pain and regret. At the age of 16, around the same time God was calling Tom to faith, I repented of my sin and rededicated my life, making Christ the priority of my life.

Call to Missions

Tom and Nancy were married during college, and that was also when they started a family, eventually having four daughters. Tom pursued an education in Business and Human Resources and later received a Master’s Degree in Business. After serving in various leadership positions in the State Health Department, Tom accepted a leadership position for Ohio’s Prepaid College Program. During that time, while on a short-term missions trip, Tom and Nancy began to sense God’s call to missions.

While Tom pursued theological education at Liberty University, they joined ABWE International, and God led their family to a church planting ministry in South Africa, where they served until 2019. During their years of planting churches, God added the responsibility of regionally leading various teams in southern Africa.

Then, while preaching at a CFC’s Reaching the Unreached Missions Conference, God was also planting in their hearts “not a new call, but a new direction,” specifically to reach the unreached. A few months later, ABWE asked Tom to be the Regional Director for the western part of South Asia and part of the Middle East.

Tom and Nancy have completed CFC’s Biblical Counseling Training, and they both enjoy serving as counselors and training others in their region to do the same. Nancy enjoys serving alongside Tom in their Regional Director role by mentoring and caring for women, developing ministry materials, leading Bibles studies, and directing the mobilizing new laborers to the field.