We have a unique opportunity to help take the Gospel to unreached people in the Philippines! There are over 7,600 islands in the Philippines and they are not connected by bridges and most are  without airports. The best mode of transportation, a boat. Our goal is to raise the funds to purchase a boat for church planters, with the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association, to travel between the unreached islands.

Our goal is to raise $75,000!

Kick-off begins February 25th at MissionCon

Any money raised over $75,000.00 will be put into the missions (undesignated) fund (for projects, emergencies, support, encouragement and more).

Sending Through Giving

1) Give to a Missionary

It is our privilege to partner with missionaries to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Through financial support they can continue to focus on their ministries full time and have necessary resources.

2) Give to the Tommy Ullum Scholarship 

The Tommy Ullum Scholarship provides financial assistance for education to CFC students pursuing ministry or missions.

3) Missions Fund

A team of CFC members who love and are knowledgeable about missions distribute the funds to maximize kingdom impact in missions. Frequently this money is used for projects, emergencies, support, encouragement and more.