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Proclaim! International - Evangelism


Reaching, Preaching and Teaching

Proclaim! International is dedicated to helping local believers around the world to creatively share their faith both publicly and privately in their communities.  In this process, we as a couple have opportunities to partner with people in diverse places such as North Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Americas. We have been able to forge many long term ministry relationships through the years while God also continues to challenge us with needs in new areas.  Relationships have been forged with young people and church leaders in an atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement.  We are helping to raise up a whole new generation of “creative communicators” who are poised to carry the message of Christ to people who live in great darkness.


Pray for Jim as he seeks ways to help missionaries and national church leaders to “thrive rather than just sur-vive.”


Pray for wisdom and understanding as he relates to people from various cultures, backgrounds and ages.


Pray for continued personal growth for us and faithfulness in the daily disciplines of the Christian life.


Other Tours: Additionally, Jim will be part of a leading another group in Greece (October 8-24). 


Pray for the local organizers as well as the team members. 


Pray that we will all work with humble, willing hearts and flexible attitudes for the sake of the gospel.



Both of us come from Christian families and made commitments to Christ at a young age. But we discovered that it was truly a journey that required renewing that commitment at various stages of life as we gained more understanding of what it means to follow Christ. One of those levels of recommitment involved the decision to go into full-time missions.​​​​​​​


God was preparing our hearts before we considered full-time missions through short term missions in college and through a church that drew us into involvement with missionaries. That developed into a desire to go into full-time missions, and God confirmed our direction as he opened doors of opportunity and provided resources. Since 1980 we have ministered at a Bible school in Belgium and been involved in evangelism through the arts in Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa and South America while living in Belgium, France and the US.