A missionary is someone who takes the Gospel to the ends of the earth. 



A sender is part of a team that encourages and supports a specific missionary. You can participate as a sender through joining a sending team, financially supporting, and covering them in prayer. As you review the missionary profiles, we encourage you to prayerfully consider a missionary to support as a sender. On their profiles you can simply click to Give or Join Sending Team


Please note: We have CFC commended missionaries who we cannot list nor mention because they are serving in a country which prohibits any Christian activity. CFC members know who these missionaries are; please be sensitive to this situation when you correspond with these missionaries. If you have questions, please contact Bill Winton at 904-262-3000.



Rick & Elisabeth

Church Planting | Africa 

John & Diana

Public Evangelism | Global

Justin & Shannon

Medical | Africa

Russ & Melody

Medical | Africa

Forrest & Kristina

Discipleship | Europe

Jim & Kathie

Public Evangelism | Global

Dom & Damaris

Church Planting | Europe

Kent & Yuko

Church Planting | Asia

Todd & Terri

Public Evangelism | Global

Bud & Carolyn

Mobilizing | North America


Mobilizing | Global

Tim & Andrea

Tribal Church Planter | Asia Pacific

Jim & Christina

Financial Discipleship 

North America


Tom & Nancy

Medical | Asia


Mobilizing | Global


Church Planting | Asia

Couple In The Middle East

Church Planting | Asia


Public Evangelism | Global