Donations are directly for the school project, as I am already blessed to be fully funded. 




  1. Providing life changing opportunity for Muslim families
  2. Sharing the Gospel in homes
  3. Discipling and encouraging local believers

*For security reasons, names and photos have been omitted*

Our Prayers

Safety for our school; staff and students during this surge in the virus and school closure.

My teachers and I will continue to build strong loving relationships for more opportunities to share our faith

God’s plan for the next phase of development of the school will be clear and supported, bringing more families to befriend. 


God will call more people to serve here short term or long term there are so many opportunities for service. More prayer power for the Muslim people.


I do not remember a time when I was not memorizing scripture and finding my joy in the things of the Lord. I did confess my faith in Jesus as my Savior at a young age. Our church at the time did not want to baptize children until at least the age of eight. I was delighted to be able to publicly profess my faith, be baptized, and celebrate the Lord’s Supper with understanding as to His sacrifice for me. My walk with the Lord seems to be well explained in Psalm 92:13-15. “Planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God”


My first experience in mission work was in 6 th grade when I spent my summer with a Mexican Migrant church in South Miami leading Vacation Bible school to the younger ones. Later as an adult I became an educator in the public arena. This was God preparing me for my role on the field. As my professional career was ending and retirement was the next step, a call came one day from a friend who was starting a new adventure in a new country. He told me my background seemed to fit their need. I was surprised that this opportunity was in the 10-40 window to an unreached country. I even had to look up the country’s location on a map. I listened to the need and we all prayed, including my faithful sisters and family. As the opportunity unfolded, God showed me a new “job”. All my past work lined up exactly as needed to qualify for this new opportunity. God had prepared me for just this time and place.