In Sr. High we desire to love and equip students on the journey of becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, so that they can impact their worlds with the good news of Christ.


Sunday mornings are a place for our students to connect with others while being equipped from God’s Word to become a disciple. ​



Jesus commanded us to Go and Tell.  On Wednesday nights we provide a setting for our students to bring their friends to Come and See. ​​​​​​​


Sunday nights are dedicated to discipleship. All our students are invited to join an Agape (females) or Andrizo (males) group for the purpose of developing relationships that will allow them to grow as disciples.  


September 24 - Fall Agape/Andrizo begins

September 23 - Dare to Share

October 13-16 - Outdoor Leadership Challenge

November 9-10 - Guys' Camping Trip

November 18 - Hoedown

December 9 - Christmas Party

Semester long discipleship program that meets in the Shop for a time of Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and accountability. 

Most Sundays 6 to 8 pm

Begins Sunday, September 24

$15 fee at registraton to cover materials

Learn to love God and love others and be the Kingdom Leader God created you to be!

October 13 - 16 in Pisgah National Forest, NC

Open for students for who have not yet participated in an OLC retreat. Application required. Space is limited. 

$60 fee with registration upon acceptance.