Biblical Counseling Training in Your City or Church


We know it can be difficult and expensive to send your people to biblical counseling training conferences. That is why since 2016, the Hope Center has been offering its counseling and discipleship training course in cities outside of Jacksonville. The most common format for such training is a series of weekends over a four (4) month period (one weekend a month for 4 consecutive months.) However other formats are possible. The Hope Center's Regional Conferences satisfy the Basic Training Course requirements of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors' (ACBC) certification process. If you are interested in partnering with us to host a training class in your town or at your church please contact us at


The Hope Center has presented Regional Training in Houston TX,  Atlanta GA, and Tallahassee FL.

In the second half of 2020, The HOPE CENTER

will be offering a 

Fundamentals in Biblical Counseling

in 2 locations in the Florida Panhandle.


Aug 28-29    Sept 25-26
Oct  23-24    Nov 13-14

Hosted by Rocky Bayou Baptist Church


Sept 11-12    Oct 9-10

Nov  6-7         Dec 4-5

Sponsored by Tallahassee Biblical Counseling Ministries


 Choosing to bring Hope Center's traveling CDT to our church campus was an excellent decision.  Of all the options out there for training, I believe we chose one of the best.  Hope Center presentations were of the highest quality. In fact several people who had attended various organizations' biblical counseling training, commented that Hope Center's training was superior in presentation and practical helps. It is important to our church leadership that training happens in community, and hosting this training on our campus allowed us lots of freedom throughout the day to have informal discussions on applying the principles in the context of our church's discipling model. The convenience of getting the training at our home church made it accessible to more folks in the church family. Bringing a traveling training center to your campus might seem complicated, but the Hope Center folks were easy to work with concerning logistics, scheduling, tech, and electronic training options, etc.  It was surprisingly easy to pull the training off, and the end result was excellent. I highly recommend Hope Center on the Road!

Linda Ayers, Director, Biblical Counseling Training, Grace Bible Church, Houston TX


I had heard about CFC's biblical counseling courses from trusted friends who attended previously, and when my work as a high school teacher (not to mention friendships inside and outside the church) began to bring me into more and more situations where I was asked for involvement that I felt unsure how to give, I decided to look into it. Now, having finished the course, I am so thankful to have journeyed through it. What first drew me to the course--practical applications for specific kinds of counseling situations--was immensely helpful; but even more so was the weekly immersion in Scripture as the source of wisdom and healing, and flowing from it, a whole framework for responding to sin in search of peace, hope, and joy through glorifying God in growing Christlikeness. I am deeply grateful for the course and would recommend it to any seeking personal growth and increased fruitfulness in kingdom service.  

Lindsey Brigham, Jacksonville



This course greatly improved my ability to apply biblical truths to real-life circumstances, both for myself and my family as well as those I intend to help in a formal counseling role. I recommend this training for anyone from small group leaders to those on staff and managing employees in a Christian workplace.  The instructors were well prepared, experienced and excellent presenters.  Buckle up for a great wealth of information.

Scott Jones-Flowery Branch, GA

Bringing Hope Center CDT to the Tallahassee, Florida area was a great decision.  Tallahassee Biblical Counseling Ministries’ desire is to train lay people, from different local churches, to aid their church leadership with counseling.  We want our local pastors to know that when someone is hurting within their church body – they can have confidence when referring them to a trained biblical counselor within their own church body.  Tony Anderson and his staff of instructors were precise in their teaching and made it interesting; would share their own struggles and how God has worked (is working) on them as they counsel others; and were available for questions even after their time of teaching was over.  Tony and his instructors were very approachable and showed humility.  We had approximately 10 different churches/organizations represented – and most all of them indicated they would highly recommend this training to friends and family.  Even a few indicated that they would not mind taking this training again – it was that good!  We highly recommend Hope Center CDT!

Caryn Alfsen, Executive Director, Tallahassee Biblical Counseling Ministries, Inc., Tallahassee, FL.


As missionaries serving the Lord cross-culturally, we have been blessed by the biblical counseling training we have received through The Hope Center at Christian Family Chapel.  Their willingness to participate and extend this valuable training to other parts of the world and equip missionaries and national believers for the work of the ministry is a true reflection of partnering for the sake of the Gospel and the body of Christ.

  Pastor Tom Wolf, Cape Town, South Africa


I want to thank The Hope Center trainers because they encouraged us again and again in honoring God’s Word and elevating Christ as central to their counseling methods.  Now as I have had the privilege to apply their specific methods to my counselees, God has given me a front row seat to watch Him change hearts – both theirs and mine - as He fulfills His promises to us! Gina Solomon—Washington D.C.


A training that convicts, encourages, and grows the trainee with biblical truths and sound doctrine, so they can in turn help other believers is a very good thing to invest a season of life into.  That is this training.  Moving away from selfish traditions and going forward in pleasing and glorifying God, is not just for those who need counseling but for the counselor too!

Len Wikberg, IV, Flowery Branch, GA. 



I can’t say enough about the quality of the training we received from The Hope Center.  When we made the decision to offer Biblical Counseling Training at Christ Place Church The Hope Center was recommended.  In researching the options for training, the option of bringing The Hope Center to our church made the most sense.  I am so glad we made that decision!  From the initial conversation with Tony Anderson it was obvious The Hope Center did everything with excellence.  The material that was provided in advance was excellent. The speakers were all well prepared and very competent in the material they presented.  It was obvious the speakers love the Lord and His Word and believe in the sufficiency of Scripture.  Everyone was flexible and willing to do whatever necessary to accommodate our needs.  I highly recommend The Hope Center for Biblical Counseling Training!

Dave Channell, Pastor of Pastoral Care, Christ Place Church, Flowery Branch, GA



What a blessing to have an opportunity to dig deeply into God’s word using a framework of addressing the life issues we all face.  This training has ignited a desire to be more actively engaged in my own progressive sanctification and has opened the door to an understanding of how I might shepherd others along their way.  It is a meaningful step in my quest to grow in Christ-likeness and to disciple as well.

 LP, Jacksonville.



This training has clarified many misconceptions I had about counseling.  It helped me to put counseling in a biblical perspective. I’ve grown so much as a Christian in learning to apply scripture appropriately to working through real-life problems.  From beginning to end I was able to immediately use the teaching for myself and others.

Katherine Hayes, Jacksonville



God is molding and shaping me, ouch!....I am so grateful for this this training and how God is using it in my own life to reveal things about my own heart.  I was very encouraged learning about progressive sanctification.  Thank you for taking your time to come counsel us in pointing us to God’s Word.

Anonymous-Flowery Branch, GA.