The Tommy Ullum Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to CFC students.

The Tommy Ullum Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to honor the life of Thomas Calvin Ullum, Jr. (April 17, 1970 - January 23, 1994) and to make funds available to members of Christian Family Chapel who are pursuing training at a Bible College or Seminary for future fulltime ministry. Recipients of the fund must be those whose character, love and passion for ministry carry on the memory of Tommy Ullum, whose life’s pursuit was “the more excellent way," the way of love.

Tommy was a gifted teacher and was instrumental in beginning the youth ministry summer internships we have here at CFC, where he served during the summers of 1992 and 1993. Tommy was pursing training at Dallas Theological Seminary when the Lord called him home to heaven to find rest and peace from his four year battle with cancer. 

To date, the fund has helped 31 students from CFC, and $123,000 has been distributed. You are invited to give to this fund that the world may know the One who is worthy of both our life and our death.

If you wish to contribute to the fund, just make your check payable to Christian Family Chapel, and indicate the Tommy Ullum Memorial Scholarship Fund on the memo line. If you have questions about this fund, contact Wendy Graves.

Students who have received the scholarship say:

   “Tommy Ullum was an amazing young man who impacted many of us who are now in our late 20s/early 30s. His life example caused us to stop and consider where we were headed and Who we were serving with our lives...and the scholarship in his name made much of the training for that possible. I know a lot of people who have had to stay in the States to pay off college debts, rather than heading overseas to begin missionary work. The TUMSF was one of the scholarships that allowed me to graduate debt free and head into ministry right away.”    - Renee Graves Weathers, CFC Commended Missionary