What are sending teams?

Sending Teams allow our members who are already individually supporting a commended missionary (through financial and/or prayer support) to join together and coordinate their sending efforts for a greater impact on the individual missionary. Even the best senders fall down on the job. Teams encourage one another, spur one another on, and multiply the efforts of each other.

“It is truly amazing how such a small group of people can generate so much for good. One couple alone, or even just one person, can make a huge difference for those living in another culture who sometimes feel they are laboring alone. Sender Group involvement is a critical boost, especially for those who are fairly new on the field.“ - Gary Garvin, Missionary to Moldova

Why were sending teams formed?

Sending Teams were formed when Missions leadership realized much was being done by individuals to support our missionaries, but nothing was being coordinated. Missionaries might be encouraged around the holidays and then forgotten through the year. It was the feeling of the team that if we could get some coordination, two things would happen.

  1. 1.Missionaries would be encouraged year-round.
  2. 2.People in the body who were supporting our missionaries would be encouraged and energized by working with a group of people toward the same end.

Every member is encouraged to choose one of the missionaries you support and join their Sending Team. Or maybe you've never chosen a missionary before, this is a great way to get started! It is not too late to join a team.

Below are the various sending teams and their contact information.

NOTE: Sending Team Leaders for foreign missionaries; Advocate Group Leaders for U.S. based missionaries.



1. Andree

2. Arnolds

3. Browns

4. Ebersoles

5. Hendrix

6. Jenkins

7. Marrones

8. Muhling

9. Smalley

10. Toole

Contact information












Sending Team Leader


1. Jim & Char Bronsink

2. Debbie Scribner

3. Kimberly Dudley

4. Diane Mangum

5. Char Bennett

6. Ashley Hansen

7. Carol Walters

8. Leslie Jones

9. James & Regina Purser

10. Jim Goodrick