Here at Christian Family Chapel, we desire to be involved in both home and foreign missions as individuals and as a body corporately.

In order to do this, we believe the members and friends of the congregation first need to be adequately informed and motivated. This educational process is achieved by annual missions conferences that emphasize all aspects of missions as well as periodic seminars and messages during the year, not only from the pulpit, but through adult classes where discussion and feedback is encouraged.

As the body is properly informed, they are then given ample opportunities to pray and decide where and how the Lord would have them involve both their energies and their financial resources. CFC does not have a separate missions budget because we believe that the Scriptures teach the local church is not to be the chief agent through which funds are channeled to various mission boards and agencies without congregational approval and involvement. It is to be the sole responsibility of each believer in Christ to decide where his financial gifts should be given and then to stay personally informed on a regular basis rather than surrendering this role to a church committee (II Corinthians 9:7a). This is not to say that CFC does not become involved as a church corporately in supporting missions. Yearly we are taking part in "special projects" and support for various missionaries. Many are those who have been previously involved at CFC or have been "thrust out" from our midst who we are able to stand behind and confirm as qualified for the ministry.

We realize that this approach to missions is different than some, but it has proven to develop a mature attitude among believers at CFC and has been more than effective as shown by surveys taken among the members revealing a very high level of personal involvement. We are thoroughly committed to missions at Christian Family Chapel and desire to see each believer properly educated and personally involved in this vital New Testament ministry.