ANSWERING OBJECTIONS TO THE CHRISTIAN FAITH - This class will answer common objections to Christianity like: Would a loving God send people to hell? or Can you really prove God exists?  This class is not only designed to inform you, but also to prepare you to give an answer to others who pose these questions.

Dates:Sunday July 9  for  8 weeks

TIme: 9:30a

Cost: FREE

Location: D1&2

Topics by date:

7/9      Can you prove God's existence?

7/16   Christians are a bunch of hypocrites.

7/23   Would a loving God send people to hell?

7/30   People are basically good.

8/6       All the  suffering proves there is no God.

8/13   The Bible is full of errors.

8/20    It's arrogant to believe Jesus is the only way.

8/27    It's foolish to believe that Jesus rose from the dead.   


The Gospel in A World of Religions

Numerous religions exist in the world.  They each claim to hold the truth to the core questions of life such as: What is the nature of God?  What is the nature of man? What went wrong in the world?  And, what is the answer for suffering and pain?”  This class will examine those different truth claims and compare them to the Christian worldview and then discuss ideas for evangelism in our diverse religious culture.  The Global Gospel in a World of Religions is a DVD based curriculum from David Platt (Secret Church) combined with opportunity for group discussion.

Facilitators: Rick Brackett and Matt Russell 

Dates: Sept. 10 - Nov. 5

Time: 11a

Cost: $10

​​​​​​​Location: D1-2

Navigating Your Finances Biblically 

Becoming a fully devoted, Spirit empowered follower of Christ includes learning God’s Word and applying it to every area of life. Dealing with money requires financial discipleship and to fill a role as a manager of God’s resources.  This role however, frequently conflicts with the ideas and practices of the culture.  This course will teach you about God’s part, our part and the time-tested and proven principles found in the Bible which is the authority and roadmap for effective personal financial management.

Facilitators:  Jim Whorton and Bennett Brown

Dates: Sept. 10- Nov. 5

Time: 11a

Location D7

Cost: $10

Young Families Fellowship 

Shepherding a family is challenging.  Young Families Fellowship (maybe changing the name) exits to encourage and guide disciples of Jesus who are in the Family season of life where their focus is divided among many demands and commitments such as growing their marriages, discipling and educating their children, growing their career, and developing relationships within the body of Christ.   Each year our curriculum is focused on growing your relationship with the Lord, with your spouse and with your children.

Registration is not required

Facilitators:  Brian and Kristen Lewis

Dates: Sept 10 - May

Location: D4-5 

Time: 9:30a   Note the new time for this class

Young Professionals 

Connecting relationally in a church filled with families can feel like a daunting task when you are single.  Our Young Professionals class is designed specifically for singles that are starting out in their life and career and looking for more connections with others in the same stage of life.  Topics and discussions are focused on how to be a disciple of Jesus in our culture as a young professional. 

Registration is not required

Dates: Sept 10 - May

Location: D8 

Time: 11a

 Adult Fellowships - Sunday morning adult classes are designed to help the saints become better equipped in their understanding the books of the Bible.  Starting September 10 at 9:30, we will be studying the book of 1 Samuel for thirteen weeks.  We will mainly examine the lives of three OT characters: Samuel, Saul, and David.  We will also enhance our learning about the nature and character of our God in relation to His people.  It will be very applicable and instructive for all who attend. Come join us for this monumental journey in the OT.

Registration is not required 

Teacher: Richard Powell

Dates: Sept 10

Location: D1-2

Time: 9:30a


GRIEFSHARE - A 13-week class designed to help grieving individuals navigate the pain of losing a loved one and find hope and help. $15

Teacher: Margret Davis

Dates: September 13 - December 13  (13 weeks)

Time: 9:30 – 11:30a 

Cost: $15*

Location: D7

Strong Firm & Steadfast - God uses the difficulties of living in a sin-cursed world to conform us to the image of His Son. In these small group studies of God’s Word, you will learn how to respond to trials so that you bring glory to God as you grow in peace, rest and hope. Class size limited to 8 participants.

Teacher: Bryan Ross

Dates: August 23 - December 13

Time: 6:30p-8p

Location: D5 

Single & Parenting - A 13 week class for women designed to help and equip those facing the unique challenges of being a single mother.

Teacher: Sharon Merritt

Dates: September 13 - December 13 (13 weeks)

Time: 6:30p-8:30p

Cost: $15

Location: D6 

Scriptural Salve for Your Soul - God uses the difficulties of living in a sin-cursed world to conform us to the image of His Son. In this small group study of God's Word, you will learn how to respond to trials so that you bring glory to God as you grow in peace, rest, and hope. Class sized limited to 8 participants.

Teacher: Tamara Dye

Dates: September 6 - December 6

Time: 6:30-8p

Location: D4

 33 Series for Men

Many men lack clarity about what it truly means to be a man. As a result, many men are in a state of confusion. They end up disappointed with life and find themselves lonely and drifting. They’re comparing and competing, focused mainly on trying to keep up with everybody else. Too many guys don’t know how to answer the question “who am I as a man?” they end up settling for a “less-than” life. They don’t have a compelling manhood vision that is bigger and more meaningful than the conventional manhood that much of the world seems to be chasing. This study will examine God’s design for Fatherhood and Marriage as illustrated in Scripture and examine how God is redeeming each man’s unique story for His glory.


Teacher: Matt Russell and Adam Harris

Dates: Sept. 6 - Dec. 6

Time 6:30p-8p

Location E5-6

Cost: $30 for both books

Men’s and Women’s Discipleship Groups

If you are interested in being with a smaller group of men for more accountability in growing as a disciple, you can join our men’s Life-On-Life groups.  Groups consist of one facilitator and 3 participants.  These groups meet on Wednesday evenings in various locations around campus or even off campus.  (Other meeting time are also possible).  The curriculum for these groups is Discipleship Essentials, Trusting God, and The Essential Commandment.

Sign up required – Men contact Cortez Ragland

Women contact Elizabeth Brook –

Seamless - Whether you've grown up hearing Bible stories or you're exploring Scripture for the first time, the full story of the Bible can be overwhelming. The 66 books many seem disconnected at first glance. In ths study, Angie Smith shows you how the whole Bible -from Genesis through Revelation-connects as one beautiful, seamless thread. This study will help you understand the Bible as a whole, connect with the people, places and promises of God, and gain clarity and confidence in your understanding of Scripture as you see how the stories are all connected. This is a 7 week class.

Facilitator: Elizabeth Brooke

Dates: Sept. 6 - Oct. 25 at 9:30a

Location: D8

Cost: $13.00

*All cost associated with these classes are for material only. Material isn't required but suggested. 


Divorce Care This 13 week class is a small group format program for those who have gone or are going through a divorce. This group meets weekly and offers healing and support through practical, biblical instruction.

Teacher: Jason and Abby McKay

Dates: September 13 - December 13  (13 weeks)

Time: 6:30 – 8:30p

Cost: $15                 

Location: D7&8

Divorce Care 4 Kids  - An interactive companion program to Divorce Care for children ages 5-12 impacted by separation and divorce.

Teacher: Toni Clark

Dates: September 13 - December 13 (13 weeks)

Time: 6:30 – 8:30p

Cost: $15                                   

Location: D5